VEMoDe - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I watch videos on my Palm / Pocket PC device?

    I recommend you install The Core Pocket Media Player on your PDA (Palm or Pocket PC). This excellent, free software will play many video formats and works well with videos encoded using VEMoDe.

  2. How do I copy the video to my PSP ?

    After VEMoDe completes the encoding, it will open the folder where the new video file(s) are. Just copy these files to the /MPROOT/100MNV01/ folder on the Memory Stick. If that folder did not exist, create it.

  3. Can I convert from a DVD?

    It depends. Many DVD movies are encrypted to prevent copying. These DVDs cannot and will not be processed by VEMoDe.

    For other DVDs, just open the folder from the DVD and open the first VOB file (usually VTS_01_001.VOB) for the movie you wish to convert. VEMoDe will offer the option of converting all the parts of this movie title together into a single portable video. You can also select the audio languages, and optionally subtitles to use.

  4. How do I add / configure my own device?

    VEMoDe uses a configuration file called "config.xml". You can edit this file with a normal text editor and create settings for a new device. Use the existing device configurations as an example of what to do.

  5. I have a subtitle file with my original video, can I encode with these subtitles?

    Yes! Just make sure that the name of the file is the same as the original video, except for the file extension. Supported formats are: SMI, SRT, SUB. For example, if your original video is called MyVideo.avi, make sure your subtitle file is called MyVideo.sub (for the SUB format). When you open the video in VEMoDe, it will find the related subtitles and ask you if you want to include the subtitles in the encoding.

  6. Why do I get an alert about "potentially malicious content"?

    Some versions of anti-virus software (like Norton Antivirus 2003) can warn you when Web scripts try to access the local file system. VEMoDe needs to access local files for it's configuration and to function properly. These anti-virus software will usually allow you to authorize VEMoDe so that it can continue to function.

    Be assured that VEMoDe does not have malicious content and the source code is available for anyone to inspect.

  7. When I launch VEMoDe it opens Notepad and displays some script. How can I fix this?

    This means that some file associations are misconfigured in your system. This can be fixed by going to the folder where VEMoDe is installed (ex: C:\Program Files\VEMoDe 0.11b ) and right click on the file "VEMODE.hta", select "Open With" and then "Choose Program...". You should see a selection for "Microsoft (R) HTML Application host". If it's not there, click "Browse..." and go to "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\" (or wherever your windows' system32 folder is) and select MSHTA.EXE. This should add "Microsoft (R) HTML Application host" to the program list.

    Then simply click on the checkbox "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file", then select "Microsoft (R) HTML Application host" and click OK. After that, launching VEMoDe should work normally.

  8. Where can I send questions / comments / feedback?

    Please feel free to contact me at