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RADIOACTIVES is a board game where you try to place your face cards on a board, at a safe distance, before your AI opponent, as you avoid radioactive cards. Play strategically and enjoy the challenge!

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  • Easy to learn to start playing right-away!
  • Hints highlight the possible moves
  • Track your achievements and scores over time
  • Interactive game instructions
  • Free app for Android, iPhone & iPad
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Skip Touch is a card game in the vein of competitive solitaire. Build sequences to be the first to free-up your life pile. Challenge yourself to outsmart one of the hardest computer opponents or play a casual game in easy mode.

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  • Choose different color card decks and backgrounds
  • 3 difficulty levels for casual and expert gamers
  • Multi-language support
  • Track your achievements and scores over time
  • Free app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and several Android phones and tablets
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Team Calendar is a web-based interactive collaboration tool for sharing events within a team, project or organization. It gives a quick view of upcoming events, allows anyone to add, edit or move events, and offers an easy way to navigate through time.

  • Open-ended event creation and updates by everyone in the team
  • Recurring Events
  • Event Categories with colors
  • Import from other Calendars (Outlook, Google, Yahoo!, iCal, etc.)
  • Copy events to minimize re-typing
  • Drag & Drop to move events
  • Top-level Timeline for quick date navigation
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SkipWE is a Web and Facebook game inspired by the popular Spite and Malice card games. It is a two-player version against the computer. The game is entirely written in JavaScript and uses the excellent jQuery library.

  • Drag & Drop gameplay
  • Strong computer opponent using strategic algorithm
  • Fully functional on all modern browsers
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Story Wall is a web-based application that allows Agile / Scrum project teams to track and manage the progress of their stories within each active sprint / iteration.

  • Drag & Drop of stories to update status
  • Wiki-like collaboration / concurrent editing
  • Click to zoom-in for a specific team / status
  • Click story to edit / delete / print
  • Adding stories on the fly
  • Simple Admin Tool to manage sprint / iteration updates (easily copy stories from your backlog at the start of a sprint / iteration)
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VEMoDe is a free windows app that gives you a quick and easy way to turn your videos and movies into portable videos. It will convert from many formats and includes settings for several mobile devices.

  • Easy to use interface. Just pick your file and go!
  • Very fast, high quality encoder (using FFmpeg)
  • Existing settings for several popular devices (iPhone, PSP, iPod Touch, Palm, Pocket PC, etc.), plus you can create settings for other devices.
  • Supports subtitles, Encode-by-size, Split-by-size, cropping and Batch processing
  • Easy to configure encoding options.
  • It's free!
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